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Countryside Living in Dominican Republic - My Home in the DR

Countryside Living in Dominican Republic

Living in the countryside

We offer Villas and lots for sale. Down bellow you’ll see our different options.

This Estate is for people who like living in the countryside, in a well-built, comfortable home with a great ocean view in a green, natural, quiet environment, without being hemmed in by walls and bars. Puerto Plata is a fifteen minute drive, then ten minutes more to get to the centre and the Malecón, the beautiful ocean front boulevard. Coming from Puerto Plata the last ten minutes of road is gravel: a SUV is recommended, but a regular vehicle will also get you there. There is good hope the road will be asphalted (again, it was in the past) in the coming years.

For now the lesser condition of the road also has its advantages. It means land and property prices, including those in the Estate, are much lower than elsewhere, in developments with asphalted roads in good condition. One agent told us the two homes we have for sale are half the price of similar homes in such better accessible developments, run by professional developers. Another advantage is the peace and quiet: a top quality road could mean more development and traffic in the area, and in the long run a gradual disappearance of the rural character of the area. But for now the only disadvantage of the road is some more wear and tear on your vehicle – which is more than compensated for by the lower prices for land and homes.

A bit more adventurous

The fact that you live in the countryside also makes for a somewhat more do-it-yourself life than in the heart of the city and in large, top class, much more expensive developments. For example, there is electricity from the grid about two-hirds of the time; the rest of the time electricity is derived from batteries fed by an inverter. If those run out – which happens only rarely, when the electricity company has a major problem causing a longer than 12 hours power outage – we have a generator.

A say in further development

Also, you can have a say in the further development of the project. The Southeastern part of the property, the open landscape, is fit for developing homes on ample lots, with lovely views. The forest with its impressive rock foundations is in the Northwestern part. We really haven’t figured out yet if we want to develop this area – actually we would prefer to leave it as is and put to some other use, in line with its present condition. If other home owners would also like to see this happen, and are willing to contribute, we could do so. It’s all up for discussion!

Our idea and hope is to form an environmentally conscious group of home owners, perhaps an association, which will jointly develop and manage the property. But no obligations. If you just want to buy a home or a lot and not be bothered with anything else regarding the property, and are willing to pay a very reasonable fee for security and other joint services, you are most welcome too.

Services, pool and recreation area

For security and maintenance of the common areas you will pay a monthly association fee. We can help you arrange for a gardener and other services, or you can do so on your own.

We plan to have at least one common pool and recreation area. When we sell a home and the buyer wants a common pool we’ll build one with part of the proceeds from the sale. However, if you prefer your own private pool that’s fine too, there will be more than enough room on your lot.

We offer Villas and lots for sale. Down bellow you’ll see our different options.

Listings #: 1039

Additional SALES Info


  •     Sales Price: $355,00 US
  •     Roofed área: 317 square meter
  •     129 square meters of terraces
  •     An ample kitchen, done entirely in mahogany
  •     Four bedroom
  •     Four bathroom
  •     Walk-in closet
  •     Guest toilet
  •     Maid’s quarter with bathroom
  •     And an area for laundry


  •     Sales Price: $295,00 US
  •     The total roofed area is 279 square meters
  •     With an additional 128 square meters of terraces
  •     Four bedroom
  •     Four bathroom
  •     Walk-in closet
  •     All rooms open up on the terrace


  •     Sales Price: $330,00 US
  •     The total area of this villa is approximately 232 square meters
  •     Three-bedroom villa
  •     A large social area and master bedroom
  •     This home is built and oriented on the land so the beautiful views in Dream View Estate can be enjoyed to the fullest
  •     The final price will depend on the materials used: from good quality to luxurious

LAND LOTS FOR SALE (2,000 to 3,000 M2)

  •     Sales Price: $15 – $25 US per M2

Additional RENTAL Info


  •     Rental Price: $1.800 US monthly,  (Long Term: for 3 months $1.500 US per month)
  •     Top floor US$ 1200 (€ 900) monthly,  (Long Term: for 3 months $900 US per month)
  •     Bottom floor US$ 900 (€ 700)
  •     For the rates for shorter or longer periods, contact us!


  •    Rental Price: $1.600 US monthly
  •    Top floor US$ 900 (€ 700)
  •    Bottom floor US$ 900 (€ 700)
  •    For the rates for shorter or longer periods, contact us!

Listing #: 1039

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