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Farm for Sale in Munoz

Farm for sale in Munoz, Puerto Plata

This farm is located in the country villa of Munoz , About 18 minutes from Puerto Plata City.

It has mangoes trees avocados trees, coconut trees, limes and more. The farm is boarded  by the Munoz River, It has 2 wells with a Bomb, so you have plenty water. Also has a small house  that can be repaired and habitable. The soil looks good to grow any thing, but needs some attention.

It has 31,761 m2 Just about 8 American acres. At about $4.72 US per m2. and the person who operate the farm will be allow to use almost doable the amount of the land, that is consider flood line for  growing  things. The total price is: 150.000.00 US.

Additional Info

Location: Munoz, Puerto Plata
Price: US $150,000
Status: For Sale
Total Area: 31,761 m2
Features: mangoes trees avocados trees, coconut trees, lim...

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