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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic (DR) covers an area of 18,703 square miles. It occupies the eastern portion of Hispaniola, the second largest island of the Antilles. It shares the island with Haiti but the two neighbors have little in common.

Americans live closer to Hispaniola by both heritage and geography, but they normally get more confused than Europeans as to the differences between that island’s two nations. The DR occupies two-thirds of the island with 8 million people, 3 million of them in Santo Domingo. Two million more live in the U.S. Haiti’s third of the island has 8 million or more, 3 million of which live in Port au Prince and another 3 million more live overseas. The two peoples differ startlingly and boldly.

The Dominicans talk Spanish. Haitians talk Créole, an extremely corrupted French. Dominicans loosely practice Roman Catholicism. Haitians practice forms of animism more than Catholicism. Dominicans run the gamut of skin color, averaging cinnamon. Read more about the Dominican Republic>>