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Costambar, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Rosa Vansant

Rosa Vansant

A native Puerto Plateña, Rosa Van Sant has worked her whole life in the tourism sector. Visitors and expatriates to the Dominican Republic have been served by Rosa in tourist shops, they have rented cars from her at the rental car business she managed, they have taken tours that she organized and conducted or, with her help, they found their dream homes in the DR. As a founder and vice president of the JAYCEEs of Puerto Plata, Rosa headed up civic projects such as downtown sanitation, sister cities with the U.S. and scholarship awards for outstanding high school students. She has owned and operated tourist fashion boutiques in both Puerto Rico and the DR, and now she dedicates herself to getting clients into the properties they envision for their DR sojourns. Rosa speaks English and French as well as Spanish, of course. She has traveled widely in Europe and the U.S., and knows most of the Caribbean and Bahama islands well, since she has spent many years cruising the islands between Florida and South America with her husband on their yacht — when she wasn’t starting a business somewhere or building a house. Rosa has renovated or built from scratch five houses in the DR, so she knows the game. She now lives with her husband in Costambar in the last of those houses.
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